What We Do

Wizmo is more than just a hosting provider.

We’re your personal guides to the cloud. Your technology wizards. And your partners in progress.

Tech Solutions + Business Saavy = SaaS Success

We are cloud-computing experts, yes. And, we’re also SaaS business experts.
Our approach uses both areas of expertise to match your technology needs to your business goals.
We build each system based on your specific goals and in a way that eases the transition to cloud delivery.
Finally, we manage the cloud environment for you, so you can manage your business.


We design and build your infrastructure.

All of our private cloud environments are customized for the needs of our partners, their applications and their end users. You won’t be forced to fit your application and your business into our template. We don’t do cookie-cutter solutions at Wizmo.

Together, we’ll architect an application platform that ensures:

We’ll also standardize your offering to lower your cost of maintenance.

We manage your SaaS environment.

You focus on your customers. We focus on you.

Your SaaS offering is delivered via private cloud with dedicated server resources. It’s backed by a state-of-the-art data center, redundant network and battle-tested recovery plan.

Your IT department expands to include Wizmo’s ace team of engineers, project managers, developers and support technicians. This way, your IT staff can manage your software and on-premise equipment, while we handle the cloud.

Wizmo partners never have to worry about SaaS performance, security or scalability. We deliver your applications swiftly and safely. Always.

The Many Advantages of Wizmo's Fully-
Managed SaaS Environment


Hassle-Free Upgrades

We manage it all.
There are never any patches for you or your customers to download or install. Ever.


No Code Modification Necessary

We can deliver most applications to your customers without you having to recode a thing.
(Wizmo Wizardry at work.)


No On-Site Implementation

We deliver your Software-as-a-Service anywhere in the world without a single member from your team or ours traveling to be on site.


Serious Security

From personnel to cyber attack, every area of security is addressed and monitored in our Tier III Data Centers.
We also implement quality assurance and redundancy testing within the environment, in addition to continually monitoring the system for failures.


Uptime: Our Always-On Promise

Unplanned outages are the stuff of SaaS nightmares.
But our partners sleep soundly knowing that Wizmo's cloud environment will never let them down by going down.
We've been delivering on this promise for 17 years and counting.


Seamless Scalability

Wizmo deploys an N+1 architecture with load balancing to ensure that scaling happens automatically, without fail.
We maintain an uninterrupted user experience by monitoring the environmental loads and rapidly-scaling hardware as needed.


We align your SaaS costs to your SaaS revenue.

Going SaaS impacts almost all of your business processes:

We guide you through the entire process, and put together a SaaS model that will ease your transition to the cloud and set you up for sustainable success.

Specifically, we’ll figure out the ideal fee structure to ensure that you’re making money. Your user base, income and expenses will always change at the same rate, keeping your cost-to-revenue ratio predictably profitable.

We find it a rather beautiful business model, to be honest. And think you’ll agree.

We help you and your customers grow sustainably, with less risk.

Thanks to our flexible, subscription-based fees, there’s no need for a capital investment to take advantage of the SaaS model.

Furthermore, we don’t make you sign a lengthy contract. If you want out for any reason, a 90-day notice is all that’s required.

We’ve tested and improved our SaaS business model variations for almost two decades. We promise you — they work.

And in an exponential win-win, the SaaS model benefits your customers in much the same way it benefits you.

The Many Advantages of Wizmo's
Flexible Pricing Models


No Startup Costs. No Joke!

Our subscription-based pricing models eliminate the need for infrastructure or startup costs.


Predictable, Happy Budgeting

All of our services to you are included in a predictable fee carefully configured to align favorably with your revenue.


CapEx Becomes OpEx

No large, upfront investments in infrastructure means you can shift those associated costs from capital to operational expenditures.


Customized For You

There is no one-size-fits-all configuration of our SaaS business model.
Wizmo matches your pricing model with your go-to market strategy. We figure out what works best for you, whether it be per user, per month, per location or some other metric.


Consistent Expense-to-Revenue Ratio

Shifting the burden of scalability to Wizmo means there's no need for you to add hardware, software or bandwidth as your user-base grows.
The infrastructure is our responsibility. You only ever pay for what you need to meet the demand of your users.


Reach New Markets

Together, we assess your application(s) to determine the most competitive and flexible pay-as-you-go service pricing.
This approach enables you to tap previously unreachable markets by turning obstacles into, "no problems." No capital budget? No problem. Limited IT support? No problem.

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