Who We Are

At Wizmo, we make impossible things possible.

80% of our partners didn’t think their applications could be delivered via the cloud. They’d tried it themselves but failed. They didn’t think we could help them.
For Team Wizmo, this just makes figuring out the best solution more of a thrill.
Since 2001, we’ve helped software vendors overcome the technical hurdles involved in elevating their applications to the cloud.
And that’s just the beginning of how we help SaaS companies thrive.

The Wizmo Way

Putting our best qualities to work for your SaaS success.

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Trusted Expertise

We’ll never claim to be the biggest hosting provider out there. But, we’re arguably the most experienced. As pioneers of the cloud-hosting industry, we’ve accumulated nearly two decades of first-hand SaaS knowledge and insight to share with our partners.
We’ve worked directly with a vast array of applications and user environments, presenting us with all kinds of intricate complexities to conquer. So, when there’s a challenge we haven’t seen before, we have an extensive bank of expertise to draw from in finding solutions.

Responsive Professionals

From design of your SaaS architecture, to migration, management and round-the-clock support, Team Wizmo is on top of it.
Our engineers and technical support team are among the industry’s most skilled. Plus, they actually have fun solving complicated tech problems. Basically, these are the kind of people you want in charge of your SaaS machine.
All of us at Wizmo take a ton of pride in the work we do to make business better for our partners and their customers. Because when business is easier, life is usually easier, too.
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Committed Partnerships

When you partner with Wizmo, you get plenty of human interaction. That is, real people working with you to give your SaaS product the wings it needs to fly.
Our goal is to make your SaaS transition a boon for business, while minimizing your financial risk. We work closely with you, customizing the best architecture and revenue model to serve your software and your users.
We also help you identify ways to reach new markets, expanding your user base and increasing revenue — all without touching a single line of your code.

We evolve with you.

Overtime, as you continue to improve your application, we’ll make sure your cloud performance is optimized to keep up with development.
And when your business strategy evolves, we’ll work at your side to find the best SaaS solutions for every stage of growth.

Our goal is shared success. Always.

The word, ‘partner,’ gets tossed around a lot. To the point where it seems to have lost its meaning. But not at Wizmo. You aren’t a number to us. You aren’t just a customer to us.
You are our partner. Your success is our success, and we’ll do everything in our power to help your SaaS business prosper.
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Wizmo Supports Your Growth

We’ve had many a partner reshape their business over the years to reach new markets and increase revenue. This is a great thing, of course. But it also complicates — or perhaps more accurately, transforms — the delivery and pricing of their software.
Our infrastructure is designed to be both rigid and flexible. The rigidity comes from building on proven technologies, designed from the ground up to provide security and resiliency. We can then construct highly flexible architectures on top of this rigid infrastructure to accommodate your customer models.
Our infrastructure is designed to be both rigid and flexible. The rigidity comes from building on proven technologies, designed from the ground up to provide security and resiliency. We can then construct highly flexible architectures on top of this rigid infrastructure to accommodate your customer models.
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Unparalleled Ingenuity

Team Wizmo makes things work that others found impossible. What’s more, we make those things work in ways more resourceful and cost-effective than ever before.
Our SaaS environment is singular among cloud hosts in the flexible and efficient way we support our partners’ diverse range of applications.

Your challenge is our thrill.

Modern technology, in all of its everchanging and complex glory, is both our profession and our playground. Figuring out the best SaaS solutions for our partners is not just work… it’s how we get our kicks. (Our workday kicks, anyway. We like to travel and stuff, too.)

Sustainable and Scalable

Our method of load balancing apps and users actually multiplies SaaS benefits for our software vendors. We’re able to reduce overhead and increase stability, while simultaneously lowering the per user cost for our partners.
Is it magic? No. Although, that would be fun. This is simply Wizmo Wizardry in action.
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Your Sales Strategies: Reshaped

Two Challenges, One Wizmo

One of our partners provides software to school districts. Our SaaS solution helped them overcome two big challenges:
  1. limited school district budgets
  2. expanding device support to include Macs.
In order to be approved by school systems, the partner needed to move their application out of capital expenditures and into operational budgets.
And since Windows-based systems are rare in education, gaining Mac support meant the school districts no longer needed to bother with Windows at all.

Wizmo’s team of cloud computing champions were able to solve both challenges at once without requiring the schools to change software or take on any financial risk.

Now, that’s what you call a mission accomplished.

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We give our partners a lifeline.

Lifesaving Solutions

We have partners who had tremendous hurdles to overcome to get customers into production on premise.
Maybe their customers have overtaxed IT departments who don't want to support another line-of-business application. Or perhaps deploying their application to a distributed workforce was complex and difficult to support.
Or the initial investment was too high or too difficult to get approved because it required a capital investment.

A Way Forward

Wizmo's approach allows the partner to move to a subscription-based pricing model so their customers can move away from the capital budget (with six levels of signatures to approve) and into the operations budget.
The customer's IT department doesn't have to support the infrastructure for a new application. Rather, it simply has to define the ports of firewall rules to be adjusted, while Wizmo manages the SaaS delivery.
And Wizmo creates a big win for our partner's support organization. We build a standardized environment that simplifies both implementation and support while maintaining and improving, functionality, performance and stability.

We give our partners a lifeline.

Imagine your application cannot run on the latest operating system from Microsoft. If any of your customers purchase new computers, your software will no longer work. You're in a recode or die situation, and you don't have the time or resources to recode.
Wizmo can make it work, allowing your application to live for several more years. And giving you time to update the application or rewrite it as a web app.
Your customers can get new equipment. And your business can stay alive.
Take it from us! Saving the day never gets old.

Piqued your interest, have we?

Find out more about Wizmo’s history, our people and our approach to the SaaS migration process.