Our Security Measures

We're serious about security.

As a leading SaaS provider, data security and protection are at the very core of our business.

That’s why, at Wizmo, we go above and beyond the industry standard to ensure that your cloud environment remains safe from both physical and cyber threats.

about security

Our work is your peace of mind.

From our security practices to our Tier III data centers, you can rest assured that a security breach will never derail your SaaS product when Wizmo is in charge.


Secure from the Start

We operate our data center under SSAE 16 Type II controls so that we are compliant with a wide range of audit procedures.
This policy allows Wizmo to provide the most reliable application hosting service possible while keeping up-to-date with both product upgrades and security fixes.
Furthermore, our change management process ensures that only authorized, tested changes are made to the SaaS product and environment


Protection from Every Angle

Wizmo's day-to-day data protection strategy ensures that in the event of a disaster, large or small, your data stays safe.
Our operations engineers manage the entire security infrastructure of your SaaS product. Nothing is outsourced.
We've addressed security in every area, from employees and physical threats to endpoint security, firewalls and more.


Data Centers on the Defense

To support our drive for exceptional security, Wizmo utilizes a Tier III data center.
This allows us to deliver scalable SaaS solutions while providing our partners a superior level of protection.
From standard to customized offerings that require HIPAA or PCI compliancy, Wizmo can design an impenetrable security program around your customer's needs.

Wizmo exceeds industry security standards.

If you’re like most software companies, data security is one of your top concerns. That’s why our efforts to protect your application and data go well beyond industry best practices.

Gartner Research has identified seven specific areas of security risk associated with enterprise cloud computing and makes recommendations for addressing each one.

Click on the security risk below to find out why it’s a concern, and compare the industry standards to Wizmo’s practices.

Seven Major Areas of SaaS Security Risk & Protection:
Industry Standard vs. Wizmo's Approach

When you partner with Wizmo, security is no longer your concern.

We take on that burden (and many others), so you can focus on developing best-of-breed software and expanding your reach.