Our Story

Our Evolution: Pioneers of Cloud Computing

Wizmo, Inc. was born during the Internet gold rush era of the mid-1990s. Like a lot of early tech businesses, we started with multiple services, and narrowed our focus as the decade progressed. Around the time that so many dot-coms were crashing around us, we were fortified by a team of aspiring computer nerds with some sharp ideas.
And so in the late ’90s, the vision at Wizmo changed from do-all-the-tech-services to strategic-start-up-with-smarts. At this point, the Cloud was still known only in the world of weather, but the Internet was fast becoming ubiquitous.
Our computer champs believed they could work with software vendors to deliver applications via the Internet. The goal was to provide the speed and agility of web apps (still new and quite simple) with the rich functionality of a client-server application. And to do it all without having to touch the original code.
So, Team Wizmo figured it out. In 2001, when the concept of cloud computing was still in its infancy, we delivered our first SaaS application. It was a high stakes inaugural effort for Wizmo, seeing as that our client was a Fortune 500 company. But we made it happen. Because that’s what we do.
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Our Niche: An Easy On-Ramp to the Cloud

Since then, Wizmo has helped software developers across a range of industries, shapes and sizes to improve customer experience by delivering their applications via the cloud.
Along the way, our expertise has expanded beyond technology to include the SaaS business model, which differs from the traditional in almost every way. We’ve become adept at smoothing the transition, and setting a foundation for sustainable success.
Our partners run the gamut from being completely unhosted to self-hosted and looking to outsource or hosted and looking to improve.
Where we really shine is in helping vendors with client-server applications make the leap to delivering their feature-rich software via the cloud. Our method allows them to stay relevant with modern technology and take advantage of the SaaS model without having to invest capital or recode their product.
Wizmo, Inc. is based in the Twin Cities suburb of Eagan, Minnesota with our primary data center just across town. We have access to a global network of Tier III facilities, allowing our partners to serve clients worldwide.
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Our Work: Serious. Ourselves? Not-so-much.

While we take our work quite seriously at Wizmo, we know it’s also important to enjoy life and one another. And food. We definitely make time to enjoy food here at Wizmo. (Any excuse, really.) Our kitchen is easily the heart of the office. Company tradition calls for acknowledging all manner of occasion with a feast, be it birthday, board meeting or National Barbecue Month.
When not working diligently to serve the needs of our partners, Team Wizmo may also be found engaging in the occasional office pinball or foosball tournament. For team-building purposes, of course.
Wizmo Team

The Wizmo Leadership Team

Experienced Executives. Good People.

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Brad Balogh, President & CEO

Brad, Wizmo’s President and CEO, has a distinguished record of leading technology innovation to serve customers’ business objectives.
He has a knack for growing great teams where he demonstrated that skill at LSC, Inc., Cray Research (and Cray Business Systems Division, a start-up within Cray Research), and all that way back to his start at Control Data Corporation. Brad is a graduate of the University of Minnesota.
Away from the office: Brad loves spending time with his family and friends, enjoying time at his Cabin in northern Minnesota, and always welcomes a good sporting event.
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Kathy Holtz, CFO

As Chief Financial Officer for Wizmo, Kathy oversees many moving pieces, including cash flow, forecasting and budgeting, financial analysis, accounting, and human resources. One of her favorite things about working at Wizmo is seeing the impact our solutions have on our partners’ success and growth.
Kathy has extensive experience in high-tech finance, corporate planning, international accounting, and information systems. She has an accounting degree from the College of St. Benedict and an MBA from the University of St. Thomas.
Away from the office: Kathy enjoys spending time with family, practicing yoga, and binge watching Netflix.
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Hosting Solutions

Damon Durand, CTO

As the Chief Technology Officer at Wizmo, Damon understands that technology is incredibly powerful and complex. And to most of our partners, as intimidating as taking on Mount Everest. But not to Damon. He is exhilarated by it. He sees every day as another opportunity to conquer technology’s most demanding complexities and show partners new and unexpected pathways to their goals.
Damon introduced the proven methodology — The Wizmo Way — to provide a successful SaaS infrastructure service, bringing together the requirements of robust application development with networking, multi-tenancy, security, and system management.
Away from the office: Damon enjoys weekly dinners with his extended family, Lego, marathon (50+ hr) trivia contests and frequent visits to the Minnesota State Fair.
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