Saas Workshop

Is SaaS right for your company?

And if so, how will you make the leap to the cloud without putting your business at risk?

Introducing: The Wizmo Cloud Navigate Workshop

Learn from our 17 years of SaaS industry leadership.

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Our SaaS expertise will help you quickly:

  • Determine if SaaS is right for you.
  • Gain an adequate understanding of the technical and business implications of moving to a SaaS-based model.
  • Receive unbiased opinions based on industry best practices, state-of-the-art technology and the deep knowledge and experience of our resident experts.

Questions Covered in our Cloud Navigate Workshop

Competitive Position

  • Will our customers accept or adopt a SaaS product?
  • Will SaaS differentiate us enough to provide a competitive edge?

Technology & Architecture

  • How do we migrate to a multi-tenant structure?
  • What existing code can be leveraged within the SaaS architecture?
  • What will the new SaaS offering look like?

Financial Implications

  • How much will it cost?
  • What is the potential for increased revenues?

New Pricing Strategies

  • Should we charge per company or per user?
  • How much should we charge?
  • Should certain services and/or functions be considered premium?

Sales & Marketing

  • How will earning revenue over time impact our existing sales compensation plans?
  • How will SaaS impact our marketing approach?

Customer Service

  • How will the SaaS model impact the way we interact with our customers?
  • How will we maintain the high levels of customer satisfaction and retention required to sustain and grow our business?

Your SaaS Questions, Answered.

Stop wondering. Start doing.

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