Saas Business Grow

The SaaS model can boost your top and bottom lines, simplify upgrades and increase customer satisfaction.

But you have to do it right. And it’s not exactly simple. Or risk free.

That’s where we come in.

SaaS 101: The Very Basics
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migrating your company to a SaaS model

With Wizmo, it's safe and easy to SaaSify your application.

When you become a Wizmo partner, we help you take your software to the market as a service.

You get to leverage our years of industry knowledge to work through the technical and business implications of migrating your company to a SaaS model.

We’ll put together the ideal strategy for your software based on a spectrum of tech and pricing options that we’ve been perfecting for nearly two decades.

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The Technology Migration

Most applications were designed to run on dedicated hardware. This limits choice when it comes to moving the app or choosing a managed cloud hosting service.
With Wizmo, you get options. Our methodology can deliver your existing, on-premise software as a SaaS offering, often without you having to recode a thing.
So even if you’re planning to rearchitect your software, you don’t have to wait to leverage a SaaS model. Even better, multi-tenancy is not a prerequisite.

Every SaaS environment we build is customized for each partner’s specific requirements. Then, once everything is in place, we manage all the cloud things for you.

There’s no need for your team to become cloud experts. That’s our passion, and what we’ve been driven to master for the last 17 years. 

The Technology Migration
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Business Model Makeover​

The Business Model Makeover

The SaaS model — often based on a monthly subscription fee —will disrupt your existing business processes and revenue streams. And significantly so.

Just about everything is impacted, from pricing to revenue recognition to sales compensation strategies. Even service-level agreements and customer relations will need to evolve. 

One of Wizmo’s most valuable assets is our intimate familiarity with such disruptions and how best to navigate them. We’ve been field-tested SaaS business models to perfection since 2001.

Together, we’ll figure out an ideal fee structure that maintains a consistent cost-to-revenue ratio. We also lower the risk of migration by not charging any start-up fees or requiring long-term contracts.

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Wizmo's Fully-Managed SaaS Solutions

Reduce your costs without forsaking the accessibility, flexibility and support you need to do what you do best.


Your own Wizmo Project Team to include a Project Manager, a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and a Solutions Architect

Customized eco-system with dedicated private cloud, complete with your corporate branding

N+1 design of your architecture that incorporates capacity and growth-planning

All hardware is owned by Wizmo and subject to our life cycle management process.

Tools to help you manage your environment remotely

Network and Data Centers that are highly-secure and redundant with round-the-clock support

Secure data, backup and disaster recovery services

Our "always on" promise backed by steadfast infrastructure

How can Wizmo help take your software to the sky?

Get in touch to find out more. 

No high pressure sales or hyperbolic promises.
Just real people with smart answers who want to help.

Need to know more before we talk? Of course. Follow the links for more on how the customized TECHNOLOGY and PRICING of our SaaS models benefit business, big time.