SaaS Optimize

How many people rely on your software to help them do their job or run their business?

And what happens to them if it’s offline when they need it?

When you partner with Wizmo, you’ll never have to find out.

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We're Always On. And Then Some.

Uptime requires the right combination of architecture, technology, implementation, support, technical resources and nonstop monitoring.

At Wizmo, we have uptime figured out. In 17 years of business, we’ve mastered the art of delivering stable, smart and secure SaaS applications. 

But crossing “stability, performance and security” off your list of cloud hosting concerns is only the beginning. Even if you’ve been in the SaaS world for some time now, we may be able to help you simplify, optimize or otherwise improve your cloud environment and user experience. 

And if we find nothing technologically to improve, our fully-managed SaaS hosting services give you the freedom to focus on creating the best product for your customer, while we handle your cloud.

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Wizmo's Fully-Managed SaaS Hosting Solutions

The power, control and services you want.
The expert support you need.


Wizmo Project Team

Design, configure and deploy your custom private cloud with a Wizmo Project Manager and Solutions Architect at your service.

OS Support and Licensing

Full support of the operating system on your dedicated servers. Plus, OS and software licensing services for purchases and renewals.

Infrastructure, On Us

We're responsible for the provisioning of new servers and all related hardware components for your N+1 architecture.

24-Hour Service and Access

Your infrastructure and data is managed and supported 24/7/365. Plus, you can access your environment remotely anytime.

Solid Prevention and Planning

Data Services, Backup and Disaster Recovery — all battled-tested and ready to save the day.

Security and Redundancy

Great lengths are taken to ensure that our network and data centers have more than enough power and are impervious to security threats from every direction.

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Wizmo can improve your SaaS delivery by:

Augmenting Your Cloud

We can create a parallel service to the one you already have.

This gives you and your customers peace of mind, knowing they’ll be able to use your app whenever — and wherever — they need to work.

Migrating Your Cloud

Or we can migrate you completely to our servers, minimizing your costs while maintaining the same level of service or better.
We’ve kept our Always On promise to our partners for 17 years and counting.
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Beyond Power, Pipe and Ping: A Full Package Solution

We want your SaaS business to soar.
That’s why we do more than just provide you with the space and power for your application. Our experts custom design, build and manage your cloud environment for you.
This way, your team can laser-focus on what you do best — develop, market, sell and support best-of-breed software for your customers.
Our partners get enterprise-level quality, services and features at prices that equal or beat those of unmanaged public cloud providers.
Best of all, working with us is easy and practically risk free.
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migrating your company to a SaaS model
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How can Wizmo improve your SaaS experience?

Get in touch and we’ll find out.

No high pressure sales or hyperbolic promises.

Just real people with smart answers who want to help.

Need some additional info before we talk? Follow these links for more detail on our Tier III DATA CENTERS and our serious SECURITY STANDARDS.