Is Saas Right For Me

Is my software right for SaaS?

Despite the hype and well-documented benefits, SaaS is not right for all applications.
It’s not a one-size-fits-all proposition, and some software applications benefit more from the SaaS model than others.
We’ve put together some criteria below that will help you determine if SaaS is a good option for your product.

Does your application have any of these features?

If so, it's probably a good candidate for SaaS.

Standard Code Base

Your application is configurable, rather than a series of customized, one-offs for each customer.

Single Code Base

Your modules are all delivered in a single code base.

Standard Installation

All instances are installed in the same manner, rather than configured by location.

Standardized Processes

Your customer on-boarding and user-provisioning processes are well-defined.


Functionality is modularized and enabled via license.

Direct Device Connection

Peripheral devices like printers and scanners are connected via USB or serial ports.

Role-Based Access

User access to data and functionality is controlled by assigned role.

Do your customers fit any of these qualities?

If so, a SaaS product might serve them best.


Your user base is spread over multiple field and branch offices.


Technicians in the field connect via laptop, smart phone or iPad.

Always Online

End-users have consistent access to the internet.


Customers want to avoid major IT spending.

Uptime Urgency

Disaster recovery and system availability are priorities.

Untapped Markets

You cannot reach specific segments of the market with on-premise software.

Competition is On

Your competitors already have a SaaS offering or they're on their way.

If your software and target market meet any of these qualifications, it's absolutely time to consider SaaS.

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